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      i did the at home gender test today its 82% accurate. and i was like positive it was going to come out as boy, i had it in my head the baby was a boy i even started calling the baby aj short for ace joseph. a boy is what i really wanted, but i took the test today and it came out as girl!!:laugh: i was wondering has any one else taken this test! and btw i have a girls name to its Acelynn eleanor rose. i prefered boy but it really dosent matter as long as she is healthy!

      DiAZZZ 26 weeks

        I did that thinggy to but mine said boy! =D


          Aw congratulations! 🙂 I haven’t heard of that, haha.


            im sure those things are not really true hehe, only
            a ultrasound can determin the sex, but hey who knows…
            good luck

            DiAZZZ 26 weeks

              I know that but its still just a fun thing to do lol

              DiAZZZ 26 weeks

                The gender test was right. I had a ultra sound this morning & its a baby boy! im so excited!

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