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      I am 34 weeks pregnant, and i have a doctors appointment today at 2:15 so i need help with this question asap before i have to leave so i know what to expect.

      For the past 2 days i have been having alot of low back pain, nothing unbearable but somewhat uncomfortable. I also have had moderate abdominal cramping, like when you get your period or right before you get your period. Today i had none of that… until recently. I was sitting down at my computer desk and i sneezed.. i thought nothing of the pressure i felt low in my pelvic region, but then when i sneezed again fluid leaked out. It was enough to soak through my pants onto the chair i was sitting on. I read how being this far along some women can accidently have urine leak out.

      HOWEVER. i did not even have to use the restroom. my bladder wasnt full, and the fluid is clear and has no smell to it like urine would.

      I am obviously going to bring this up with my doctor today, but i really want to know NOW, if my water has broke or began leaking.

      So what do you guys think? Please answer asap as i have to leave in an hour for my appointment and i REALLY want to know what to expect!



        I couldn’t read/respond to your post until just now. By this time you will have laready spoken with your doctor, which would have been my advice. If your waters have broken you should contact your doctor because waiting can cause infection and risks for mom and baby. I had a friend who described similar to what you described and it turned out that her water had not broken. Good luck.



          Its perfectly okay that you could not get to me in time.. what ended up happening is the two tests they do, one came back positive, one came back negative, so they let me decided wether or not to be admitted and i chose to come home..

          big mistake..

          the thursday i was back, and thought it had happened again, but now both were negative, but they decided to hook me up to the monitor just in case, and i was most definetly in early labor. Contractions, which for some reason i didnt even FEEL… were 5 minutes apart. They did what they could to stop it and succeded, and sent me home friday morning after close monitoring.

          However.. im wondering if anyone knows, as my doctor couldnt really explain it to me in a way i could understand, How much of a chance i have of having her at term? because i went into pre-labor does that mean ill have her with in the next week or 2?



            If they stopped the contractions I don’t think it necessarily means that you will deliver early in the next week or two. I bet it means that your doctor will want to keep a closer eye on you and the pregnancy in case you go into early labor again. I would follow any advice that he or she gives you. Even at 35 weeks the survival rate is good. My aunt gave birth to my little cousin Maggie about three weeks ago. She was born 6 weeks early and only weighed about four pounds, but she is home from the hospital, has put on weight, and seems to be doing remarkably well for a premie. I hope all goes well for you and your daughter.



              Hi Abby!

              I have never been pregnant, but my friend just had her baby about a month ago. She had preterm labor around the time you did….and she delievered 2 days AFTER her due date, being induced. So, you probably have a good chance!

              Hope this helped!



                I really doubt you’ll have her early. What did they put you on? I went into preterm labor at 27 weeks, 33 weeks, 35 weeks, and 37 weeks. My doctor had me on terbutaline (AKA Brethine) pills and injections to stop the contractions. I stopped the medications after 37 weeks and figured labor would come again any day but I went OVERDUE! I actually went in to be induced and found out I was in labor instead! So best of luck and just be happy that you’re at that threshold where you’re baby should be fine even if you’re a little early. Congratulations!


                  ok It does not mean you are nessicarily going to have the baby next week it just means you have to be a little careful stay comfortable take a bath (if you still can I was 6 months pregnent and I could not get up for the life of me hahaha) take your time I wish you the best of luck

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