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      Hey everyone.. I was just wondering if these are pregnancy symptoms or if it’s all in my head:
      -tired all the time
      -sore breasts
      -lighthead/mild headaches
      -nausea every so often

      My boyfriend and I haven’t been to careful lately, I mean I’m on the pill but like once or twice I took it like an hour later than usual. And my period should come in like 1-2 weeks (it’s unpredictable-always has been), but my breasts usually don’t hurt. Let me know what you guys think.. thanks for the help. 🙂


        yeah…could be…espescially because ur feeling it so soon…may just be a period coming though maybe…the only real way to tell though is to wait…

        j/w would it be a good or bad thing if you were preg?

        good luck xxx


          I guess it would be a little bit of both… because you see… My boyfriend and I live together (we are 18).. but we moved in together when we were 17.. we want a baby together but not until we are married.. and my mom knows that we want to get married.. so I don’t think it would be too big of a deal. Also, we would be able to support the baby because I have a full-time job with health insurance (I’ve already graduated but my boyfriend graduates in June) and I make about $2,000/month. And then Eddie, my boyfriend, starts full-time at an electric company and will be making about the same. But like I said before.. I still want to get married and start college (I’m starting after the summer).. so I think this pretty much sums it up.. sorry I type so much.. thanks for the advice and I’ll talk to you later, bye.


            What was your last period like? How long ago was it? If you took the pill an hour late, it should NOT matter,lol. But the symptoms do sound like you might be. If your really freaked out then wait till your about 4 days from your expected period then take an early responce like FIRST RESPONCE, get one with two tests, there’s usually a bonus test included. Go from there.. 🙂

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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