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      I’ve been on birth control for about 3 years and about a week ago I forgot to take my birth control for a whole week straight and my boyfriend and I had sex everyday. Lately I’ve noticed my breasts are a little sore, I’ve had some lower back pain, I’ve picked up a little weight..about 1 or 2 pounds, and sometimes the smell of food just makes me sick. I haven’t taken a pregnancy test yet because i’m not suppose to have my period for another 5 days. Are these signs? Should I take a pregnancy test now or wait?



        If you didn’t take your birth control for a week, then it is possible that you might be pregnant. The symptoms you are describing could be early pregnancy symptoms, but don’t panic yet. You could take a test now, but it is probably better to wait until your period is actually due and you are late. If taken too early a test might register negative when it is really positive if the levels of HCG hormone are too low to register. My advice would be to try not to stress too much (I know easier said than done), and wait and see if your period starts on time. If you are more than a week late I would take a home pregnancy test to find out for sure. Good luck.



          🙂 i would wait and see if you do have a period first before you do take a test because pregnancy tests are expensive now although it would always be wise to keep some at home for times like this. wait and see if you do come on this month and if not do a test then. do not panic as yet just incase but also think about wether it is what you want at this stage. if you do take a test now it may show through negative because it may be too early on so it will show through negative so jst give it time for your period to show.


            I don’t want to alarm you but these definitely do sound like signs. I would wait until your period is actually late, that way you will get a more accurate reading, although some pregnancy tests will work up to four days before your missed period. Whatever you do, don’t panic, and don’t delay that test for too long. Take care, hope this helps. xxxx


              Hi, I have been on the pill since i was 16 im almost 20 now. I recently got engaged to some one i have been seeing for 7 months. Recently i have been forgetting to take my pill and have been very sexually active. My last period was very light. Im not due to start for another 3 days is it too early to tell whether im pregnant or not? How late on your period do you have to be to know?


                A OTC urine pregnancy test will more than likely not be able to detect the pregnancy horomone yet – it is still a bit early. Try to wait until your estimated period time and then if no period, try a test. Good luck~


                  those are signs of pregnancy but they can also be from something completley different my advice take a pregnancy test anyway. Im four months along now and good luck to you if u are pregnant the first three monthare the worst. but everything is compensaed for knowing that ur going to have a little baby that is yours!


                    I have taken 2 pregnancy tests and both of them were negative. I have been spotting a little bit but I haven’t started my period yet. My period isn’t due for 1 or 2 more days. If I don’t start then i’m going to take another pregnancy test or just go to a doctor to see whats going on. Wish me luck!

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