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      hi there, try not to get this so long

      my bf&i havn’t used protection 4 the las 2 months but i find it kinda not possible 2 b pregnant ’cause the way been gettin it on. such as the positions. i’ve told my bf wat been bothering me & as he says this is how pregnancy starts..las 2 weeks i have been havin lower but also whole back pain everyday. mostly everyday i have frequent peein. not everyday but alot. nausea&so tired, like im jus burntout some days. my period is so irregular. las year my time would come every 2-3 months. this year it started 2 b every month. but in may it was irregular again such as every 2-3 weeks but only 4 like 2-5 days. so far i havnt had my period for ’bout 4 weeks now.las few days i been moody, mild headaches. not craving 4 any certain type of foods but im jus so hungry for fruit lately.hav been havin tummy pain mostly like @ my bellybutton&side pain.only thing is my nipple&boobs aint botherin me.????so confused????


        First thing, no matter what position you are in when you have sex you are still at risk for pregnancy, ANY TIME you have sex whether protected or not, no matter what day of your cycle you are on, whether you take a shower immediately or clean off really good, whether our boyfriend ejaculated or not, it does not matter, you can still get pregnant…with that out of the way, what you need to do is wait until your period is late and take a pregnancy test, you can find them at most stores depending on where you live, if you are having a problem with irregular periods then it might be best to wait until it has been 4-5 weeks after intercourse and then take a blood test, the best thing to do is to not have sex again at least until you know if you are pregnant or not, preferably until marriage… also there are a whole variety of pregnancy symptoms, some people have some or all, others none of them, each person is different, go ahead and be seen by a doctor to get some answers and let us all know what you find out…Love Meg


          the las month have had intercourse so is like 2 weeks to early for a home test or even going to see a doctor??the one thing i am scared of having a child is that i have epilepsy…(but happily i am growing out of epilepsy)…:)…so most likely take a home test or blood test after like a month or so???


            can symptoms come as the body is getting ovulated??such as my doctor have told me it makes pregnancy alot easier to i went bout two weeks or 1 1/2 week after last intercourse, when i first started to feel few ovulation not pregnancy?? fertalizes the cervix??


              srry of posting so much but it all comes in my head right after i post something…can i have symptoms because im so confused if im pregnant or not…like im almost convinced i am pregnant..but it can just be in my head such as it is known that the mind is the strongest thing.makes you get wat is on your mind so much.


                It sounds like you have a lot of worries as well as some confusion about your body during ovulation, fertilization and pregnancy. I feel the best thing for you to do is for you and your boyfriend to go to the doctor together and discuss all of these things with him so that you and your boyfriend will have a clear understanding about what is going on with your body. Ideally, it would benefit everyone if you and your boyfriend waited until marriage to try to have children, but if you and he are certain that this is what you want in your life right now, then it’s best that you and he learn everything you can about your body and conception, pregnancy and raising a baby so that you will be prepared.

                If you are concernend about your epilepsy and being pregnant then that is another concern to discuss with a qualified doctor and a medical condition that should be monitored by him while you’re pregnant. Don’t take chances at becoming pregnant by having sex with your boyfriend,(protected or unprotected) because your doctor may advise you to wait until you have completely outgrown your epilepsy.

                I say protected or unprotected sex because you may not be aware that even while having sex with contraception, there is a high failure rate of contraception and possible pregnancy can and does occur.

                Think about your choices carefully and plan according to what you and your boyfriend feel is right for the both of you and your baby. Let us know if we can help you in any other way.


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