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    ashley42718 im 17 and 4months pregnant..I just joined this site in hope of finding some other girls like family knows and they are pretty happy now..but at fist they were very mad…considering my baby’s father is black and a few years older than me 6 to be exact..but to me age and races dosnt matter..I was raised as being someone who dosnt judge people by there class or anything other than whats on the inside. Im really not sure about what my babys father plans to do one minute hes here and the next hes no where around..its getting harder now that im getting father along. I also feel as if my friends no longer want to be in my life i guess its because im pregnant dosnt bother me as much as it did.


        well according to law my conception was against the law because my boyfriend was two years older then i. at the begining of the pregnancy, his dad was always around.. the first apointment… buying me water all the time, taking me to dinner, talking about all our plans, but him being bi polar, things changed quickly… he was yelling at me and saying really bad things, threatining my mom, and that lead to a restraining order that two months later was broken because i knew he could control himself, and i knew he was the one for me… one month of going behind everyones back, and it was dropped… weeks later, our son was born, only for his father to disapear the next day… he was gone for two days, and returned, but the day i left the hospital he fled to his house, not to spend time with his family… for six months he continued his occational apearances… then sometime after that, he left me for another girl, AFTER purposing to me… two months later, after missing christmas and new years… he returned…after about six months of fighting, and breaking up, and getting back together, he stoped taking his medication for his bi polar disorder, and since then we have been steady… he controls himself when it comes to what he says or does… but all along, the police continued to ask if they wanted him arrested for stagitory rape, and they said no. even tho they didnt agree with the situation, or who the father was… at all.. they still suported us letting us make our desitons… just thought i would share my story..


          well first of all i want to say congrats!:) …..but im sorry to hear about your friends not seeming to be there as much now. if you ever need someone to talk to, im here


            your probaly feel like your friends dont wanna be there, becaus eoyu cnat to everyhting they can do anymore, so your basically counted out.. which sucks.. im going through that as well. my bf is 4 years older. but hes constatly here, he doesnt help ALL the time.. but hes here yu knw. race nad age mean nothing to me as well. but idk i woudl talk to your bf but it.. I also belivee its harder for guys to believe or know how important a pregnancy is to some of us, we get that our lives are going to be filled with comething forever.. guys just want to have fun, (not all) and dont understand that theres a baby inside of us, they dont feel it how we do, or worry about it like us. etc etc..


              thank you for sharing your story and you advice it makes me feel really good that i can come here and talk to everyone and not feel like people are judging me because of my age and decisions


                Firstly, dont let anyone define who you are.
                I admire your courage and the support of your family, you were broughht up very well. About yor baby’s father, give him time, am sure he just need to be supported just as much as you do. I’m 19 and 33 weeks pregnant. My friends… well, don’t have them anymore but my family supports me no matter what. So keep your head up, it is at such moments we find who our friends really are. If you want to talk, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


                  The same thing happened when i got pregnant.My friends were all out partying which i never was into.
                  When my baby was born i knew exactly who to choose. It goes to show who your real friends are

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