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      im 17 and just found out im pregnant, my mom has always told me if i ever got pregnant, id have to pack my bags and go.. and im sure she’ll go thru with it.. not to mention my dad will never talk to me again… my only option is to eventually move into my boyfriends house with his mom and family.. and im kind of scared… im still college bound no matter what, but i just no its going to be so much harder… anyone go thru something similar?:(


        Well tell your parents and take it from there. They were probably just trying to scare you. They might surprise you. If not then it is so nice that you have another option. Do his parents know yet? College is harder but not impossible with a baby. I think It’s best to just keep at it and not take a break. I do all my classes online and that helps alot since my son is still little. I just fit it in when I can (usually while he’s sleeping). Good luck to you, keep us updated 🙂


          so before i tell u my short story i want u to know that it’s illegal for a parent to kick a minor out, especially if the minor is a pregnant teen.
          so it was the first few days of october last year when i missed my period, although the week b4 i had this thought and had known i was preg. but i did two tests that both came back almost instantly positive. i’m still 17 and it was my senior year of HS and i was working on graduating early (which i did!)…my mom had died 4 yrs ago, so i was left with only my dad who isn’t good with girl stuff or "bad" i had NO idea how to tell him he was going to be a grandpa. but i did it and he’s main concern was that i was going to drop out of school. but i am now 26 wks preg due june 8th, turning 18 in april, and recently married to the baby’s daddy who is also my HS sweetheart of the past 3 yrs, and i’m planning in enrolling in college this fall………………..we live with his parents for now, but that’s just becuz his mom is worried about us getting our own place.
          so i hope this has helped a little…..


            dont worry, seriously my mum said that to me as well and now im living with her with daughter and she is such a great nana. she even helps me out with her in the mornings and things. so id break it to them gently and dont woory about their initial reaction, they will come around!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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