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      im 29 weeks pregnant with my second son and i keep waking up in the middle of the night with really bad leg cramps.. like seriously painful, now just had my first bit of heartburn and got low blood pressure. also developed vertigo so it feels like im constantly spinning which teh doctor said was common during pregnancy. all have started within the last week.

      i also cant remember the last time i slept through the night. getting up to go to the toilet 2 to 3 times a night and that was when from when i found out about my pregnancy. werent like that with my first son

      i was wondering if anyone else had these symptoms and how did they cure it? only had mild heartburn and 1 or 2 leg cramps in my last pregnancy which was very mild.

      anyone can help then it would be well recieved


        when i was pregnant with my son, i didnt get to sleep very well from the second trimester on…i had horrible leg cramps, bad heartburn, and no matter how i slept, i couldnt get comfortable…with the leg cramps, it seemed to help if i propped my legs up for a few minutes a day, like when i was watching tv…rolaids were my best friend for the stupid heartburn because i got it so often…sleeping, i’ll still haven’t figured out…my sons 5 weeks old and i havent slept through the night for at least 8 weeks…hope this helps a little bit…:)


          I have had the most horrid hip problems and leg cramps this time around…I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and I almost fall over, my husband has had to help me a few times to walk to the bathroom and even to sit up out of bed…sometimes when I feel like my legs are on the verge of acting up I will take two extra strength Tylenol before bed so that way it will be working in the middle of the night and also sometimes I will take two in the morning and lay in bed for just a little longer to let them kick in, I have asked my doctor about it and he told me that I am safe to take the Tylenol but you should check with yours just to be on the safe side…it really has helped me a lot…I have also had very low blood pressure this time too, just don’t push yourself and if you feel woozy then sit down, drink some water and maybe eat a small snack like some crackers, that has helped me some…it has happened when I was driving and it really scared me, never hesitate to pull over for a minute to let the wooziness pass…sad to say the groin/leg pains will most likely not go away until the baby is born but ask your doctor about Tylenol and if he/she thinks it is a good idea for you to take some when needed right before bed or when you wake up…you are over half way there, you can make it…just keep your eyes on the due date and do your best to get through each day, that is what I am doing…I hope this helped a bit…Love Meg, ps I am almost 33 weeks…


            Wow…people can actually sleep through the night at this stage of pregnancy???
            I have had the odd leg cramp, but dont do anything about it except wait it out. Heartburn=rennie tablets, but they dont always help. Have also suffered from low blood pressure so i understand what you are going through but i dont know how to help.


              argh i hated the leg cramps and right when you stretch in the morning.
              I just learnt not to stretch in the

              Sounds like maybe you have low iron with the spinning around thing.

              Heartburn is a shocker. I found that those lolly things you suck dont really work.
              Some antacid medicine you need.
              Or another thing is icecream, something cold will help

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