anyone can do it.

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      I just wanted to leave a message to anyone who just found out their pregnant, has a child, or has been pregnant for a while. i got pregnant at 14, had my child a little over a month after i turned 15, thought i wouldnt make it through labor… but realized that i could, and then thought i couldnt make it through parenting… i was wrong… its been hard, and i wanted to just give up so many times… during all of it.. but it was worth it… and the best thing i beleive i’ve ever done. being a mom is the best job in the world.. yes its hard… there will be times you want to just stop but you know you cant, and you dont… i just want to say that weather your in a pregnancy that you didnt want, did want, dont have any suport over, it dosnt matter.. you are your own person, no matter what others say about you or your abilities… you can do it. im in school, have a job, and my 16 month old. lots of people put me down and said i’d never be able to do it… but i couldnt imagine if i had given him up for adoption.. that is the answer for some.. but certainly not me i created this child, and im going to be the best mother i can for this child … i almost gave my child up to my parents at one point… but then a friend that i had only met online really insipred me to not give up, its the easy way out for you, but the hard way out for your child. i dont know if i made a diffrence to anyone.. but you really can do it, no matter what, its your body, your child, but.. it is not just YOUR future, it is your childs future too… and its up to you to make his or her future good.


        Hey i just wanted to say that realy inspires me im 14 and am now 6 months pg as of today with a little girl:P


          this give me hope if i am gonna be pregant!


            well i know any person can do it, but only if you truley want to, and apply yourself… so good luck.. motherhood is a wonderfull thing… but challenging


              Very good choice of words i say.
              It does get hard some days but its also amazing to watch the child that you brought into this world grow up and know that you did it!
              A child doesn’t have to have the best of everything to have a life, just try your best and that is enough.


                i have negativity all around me but to hear things like that it just makes me feel so much better im 14 weeks and due in july i am 16 now but will be 17 when my baby is born so thanks for this encouragment:)

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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