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      Hey i just put a post a few days ago but I was wondering something. Well when i got pregnant almost a year ago it was the worst pain I have ever experienced… Like when my period was sposed to come i had cramps that were atleast 10 times worse than normal, combined with an incredibly sharp pain in my abdomen… it was so bad that when one of these came on i couldnt walk and no amount of advil would ease it. I was woken up 2-3 times a night from one of these "cramps" and the only thing i could do to ease it was get in a bath of hotwater. Once at the mall i almost collapsed cuz of the pain, so finally i told my parents and they took me to the hospital, but the doctors did an ultrasound and said there was nothing they could see wrong with me and i was "just pregnant". So i was wondering if anyone else experienced anything like this… is it normal or was there something really wrong. ofcourse after my abortion the pain went away but i still occasionally get shooting pains in my ovaries once a week or so that arent nearly as bad but still painful. i told my doctor and she said it was prolly ovulation.. even though im on birth control? anyone have an answer?


        hey maybe u should get another docs opinion coz somrtimes one doc might miss something and another will pick it up…

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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