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      Hello everyone, I am new here. I seem to be in a pickle. I just recently got engaged and I am 4 days late for my period. This is very unusual for me because it is always spot on…literally. I have been experiencing tender, sore breasts, headaches, abdominal pain and cramping, diarrea.shooting back pains, and leg cramps. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests…. 1 three days before my period was due and the 2nd the day after my missed period. They were both negative. Is it possible that it is still to early for the test to detect the HCG hormone? Please help and tell me what you think. Anything will be helpful and greatly appreciated! Thanks.


        hiya, i am also new here aswell but am having the same trouble as you.
        i am 2 weeks late now and have the cramps, back ache, tiredness, moody.

        i have a son of 3 and when i was pregnant with him i did 3 tests, 1 on a tues – neg, 1 on the thursday – negative and then 1 on the saturday – what do u know it was possitive and i was about 5-6 weeks pregnant then.

        so i would give it a few days to a week and test again or go to ur doctors.

        i dont know if this is any help to u but i hope u get the outcome u r looking for.
        let me know how it turns out hun, good luck xx


          I’m 22 a mother of 2 and i’m pregnant w my 3rd child due April 2008. i would say both of u need to wait a wk or so and test again or get a blood daughter is 2 will be 3 may 25th 08 and my son will be 1 dec 1st 07. my son and daughter r 19mos apart and the nxt one and my son will be around 16mos apart. [file]


            yes, i think you can definitely be pregnant. Your symptoms sound like you may be pregnant or your period is due to start. Just wait a few more days to take a test and if it still is negative then you should get a blood test. Do you want to get pregnant?



              Congrats on the engagement!
              I would wait and test again in about a weeks. I became pregnant after we had been engaged for 4 months and already planned most of our wedding. We had to re-evaluate our plans and we lost a little money but it wasn’t the end of the world and now I’m going to have a baby girl in less then 2 months! It will be ok either way 🙂

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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