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      hey girlies :),

      i was wondering if you could give me some suggestions,

      as a few of you know it will be the 1st year anniversy of Lexie-Mai’s death on the 1st July (next week),
      as i lost her to forced abortion.

      im not looking forward to it one little bit, but then who would be.

      i was wondering what i could do, because i dont want to do nothing coz i know i will just cry all day, i want to do something that will celebrate the short time i had her in my tummy, her life and the fact she blessed me with being her mummy.
      if that makes sense.

      i will be very thankful if any of you could help me.

      and i’l thank you now for spending the time to read this and help me if you can 🙂

      lots of love,
      B x


        Hey you, I understand that this is going to be a very rough time for you and I think you are very wise to ask for suggestions and prepare yourself for this coming week…one thing I have found with grief is that it comes in waves, although I have not experienced abortion I did lose my mom to suicide and the first year was fine, the second year was way bad they have been on and off, this last year was probably the worst, it was the 7th year…so just know that if this year goes horrible it may be better then next but if this year seems ok considering then be prepared that it may not be as well the next…just things to keep in mind, with all this said know that I love you and I am here for you and I have a suggestion that is a little out of the box….have you considered sponsoring a child through World Vision? My husband and I have two children through them and we send money every month, this organization is unique in how they operate, they take the money you send and use it to pay for your child’s heath, clothes, food, schooling and other things like that but they also use it for the child’s family to buy land to farm or build a better home and such so that not only the child is supported but the whole community will benefit from it as well, I would highly recommend sponsoring a child and you can also pick the birth date of your child, boy or girl and from what country, you can choose to honor your lost child by sponsoring a child who was born on your due date or even the date of your abortion if that is what you want to do…here is a link to the site where you can do your research and if you want to, sponsor a child…it may just be a really healthy thing for you!! I know it would be a good thing for the child you sponsor…Hope this helps…Love Meg


          hey hunny!

          i think that meg´s suggestion is great…it may help you.

          i have made a baby book, i have the ultrasound in it, and roses, and everything that i wrote about my feelings, somehow…baby book/my diary…

          and i release baloons every year, and give flowers in the wather and on our family grave…

          and i light a candle…well i do it allways when i miss my baby, cause it gives me the feeling that he can see it and comes to me then…

          just remember that day, that you are not alone, and that your baby loves you, and is probably right now playing in the clouds..maybe even with my girls..



            Hi Sweetheart.
            Sorry I havent been around much recently. things have been really busy here.

            Im just sending you love and hugs and hope that you found yesterday not so bad to deal with and that I hope your boyfriend was with you xxxx


              I’ve never had an abortion, but in my experiences with grieving, it is always best to do just that. Make sure you allow yourself to remember your baby and make better promises to yourself for the future. Allow yourself to cry, because crying makes you feel better, despite what most people believe. Maybe find some one to talk to about your baby and think about how he or she is doing in Heaven with Jesus and always remember that they are in a better place watching over you. Your baby doesn’t hate you. They love you and accept the mistake you made, so you should do the same for yourself.

              I wish you the best of luck and I hope you are okay on that hard day.

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