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      if you want to know anything about being pregnant need help with questions just ask me my name is tara and i will be glad to help you


        My husband and I have statrted trying for a baby since Mar 30. I recently had some unusual spotting that I havent had before. It was a dark brownish black and then a day about a day later I started menstruating but not a whole lot. Do you think there is anything wrong-should I go to doctor. Or is this normal? I did take a preg test and it came out negative. Thanks, Tami


          I think I may be pregnant, but I’m scared to ask anyone around me or to go to the doctor. (stupid huh!?!) Below is my situation:

          *I am in my late 20s.
          *I recently lost my V.
          *My boyfriend and I did not use protection.
          *My last M was in late November.
          *I experience bloating and I think intestinal gas.
          *I initially experience breasts tenderness.
          *I experience breasts enlargement, but this comes and goes.
          *I have an increase in V discharge without it’s unpleasantness.
          *My weight goes up & down by a few pounds.
          *I can’t say definitely that I have food cravings or moodiness.
          *I do feel tired
          *I spit frequently
          *I experienced day long nausea for what I think may have been the first trimester.
          *I have vomitted a few times, which is strange since I can’t recall when last I vomitted before this year. I even vomitted last night.
          *My abdomen is changing in shape to one that is more like what I have seen of pregnant women.
          *I have strange, increasingly frequent muscular spasm and cramping in my lower abdomen and a strange, lingering pain in my groin area.

          On the flip side:
          *I went to a doctor of naturopathy in January, analysed my blood and learned that I have a bad case of yeast infection in my blood. Symptoms of this disorder are shared with pregnancy like bloating, nausea, tiredness, crankiness, etc. I did not mention my suspicion to him nor did he identify it.
          *He recommended that I take certain products and make some dietary changes. I have tried but can’t seem to stomach them, including a laxative medication and a nutrition powder to help me absorb nutrients from the foods I eat (poor absorption is another problem identified from my blood analysis).
          *I used to urinate frequently, but now it is a lot less. The high presence of protein in my blood and apparent overworking kidneys were the causes identified for the frequency.
          *Despite being a relatively health conscious person, I now have to closely monitor my blood sugar levels since I may be at risk for developing diabetes. (I heard that pregnancy can cause women to have high blood sugar!?!)
          *I have started exercising (aerobics twice per week) on the doctor’s recommendations since then.
          *I am under some increasing stress at work, with my studies and at home. I am feeling increasing mental distress about my physical state and the impact it others around me.

          I know that I need to see a doctor. I haven’t seen one in years since I thankfully enjoy good health, but have started looking into going to an ob/gyn. I have looked up a few websites, some have suggested a great likelihood that I may be pregnant others no. Please tell me, what do you think.



            I am now an actual user of the site ,not sure if that made a difference in hearing back from you. Thanks! Tami


              me and my boyfriend had sex on the 7th of may and he didin’t pull out ,it been 11 days after the incident is it possible 4 me 2 b pregnant and can i have symptoms this early.

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