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      I took an EPT this morning and then set it on the back of the toilet, because it said to sit it on a flat surface, and when I got up to flush, it was already a bright blue POSITIVE!!! I wasn’t supposed to check for 2 minutes, but I couldn’t help but look! I don’t want to sound dumb, but it seems to good to be true. Anyway, what are the chances that it could be a false positive? Oh, just in case this matters, it wasn’t a cheap one. It was $10.00 for just one! Oh, and I don’t know if this is normal or not, but I get period like cramps just every once in a while. I feels like I’m going to get my period, but I’m already 3 days late


        I asked my doctor about that and he said about the only way you can get a false positive is if you’re taking hcg pills to try and help you get pregnant. I also have cramps and I’m 6 weeks along, and you usually get them all through out your pregnancy. Congrats! πŸ™‚


          Well from the sounds of it you are pregnant…just because it didnt take the whole 2 minutes to show just means that your hormone lever is high….both thimes I was preg my test results came up sooner thatn the box told me….go to the doctor and confirm with a blood test and beging prenantal care to make sure you have a healthy baby :)…let us all know how it turns out….Meg


            Hiya chick. No you cant get a false positive! If the hpt said ‘Positive’ Congrtaulations U R Pregnant!!!!!!:) And period-like cramps are normal during the first trimester so dont worry! Go to your docs and get a blood test to confirm it and for prenatal care! Good luck hun lemme no how u get on. xXx


              Well, false positives are possible but do not happen often. Especially not with a $10.00 one. Mine did the same, right away it said positive and it told me to wait 5 minutes. I would just try to be patient a little longer, and if you still dont start get an appointment with the doc to see for sure, Hope everything works out fine for you! : )



                No, it sounds to me like you really are preggies!!! The hpt will rather say you are NOT pregnant and lie,. But if it says positive, then you are. The cramps you feel that is similar to period pains is the inplantation that took place and also your falopium tubes are normally as thin as cotton wool, but when you fall pregnant, it stretches to the thickness of your little finger. That is the pains you feel. go for a blood test to make double sure…but I thing congratulations is in order!


                  ooohh yeah girl, especially if it comes back that fast. thats how fast mine came back, i didnt want to look either, but i just watched to make sure all the pee went across the test, and as soon as it hit the lines they were both turning pink haha. i wouldnt buy another test if you dont want to waste any money, i know theyre expensive, just go to the doc. the sooner you go in and get a test from them the sooner they can start prenatal care. i had cramps too, i was in denial because i felt so much like i was going to start my period. good luck, and keep us all updated πŸ™‚ take care πŸ™‚


                    well yeah cause the first 2 pregnancy test i took came out negative the next day i took two more it came out positive so dont let dont wierd pregnancy test fool you…


                      Fertility meds containing high amounts of HGC hormone and Progesterone can induce a false positive. If you are not taking fertility drugs, here’s the rule of thumb: YOU CAN GET A FALSE NEGATIVE, BUT YOU CAN NEVER GET A FALSE POSITIVE. Never!


                        when i did my test it came back almost instantly postitive too…i waited long enough to flush the toilet and let my friend in the bathroom stall with me….i just turned 18 last week so i was 17, and a HS senior working on graduating early (which i did) and i was excited and my friend was excited for me (she already has a baby of her own)…i know i should have been scared but i wasn’t because i know that i wouldn’t have gotten preg if God didn’t want it to happen……….. πŸ™‚ ….

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