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      Ok, so my period is not late… yet. But i think i am pregnant. The dates dont exactly match up to when i was ovulating but that doesnt always matter. I know my body and i feel different…. I have soo many early symptoms : I have been nauseated, having some abdominal pain, my breasts are really sore, especially around and underneath my nipples and sometimes a little swollen, along with some other things too.
      Its a little early for symptoms, so i dont know.
      But the reason i’m posting is because i am 17. My boyfriend is 20 and my mom likes him, but she doesnt like our age difference. i want to talk to her about a HPT or just to talk about how i am feeling but i’m scared. she isnt very understanding about alot of things. she is very judgemental. i’m afraid that she will want to call the cops on my boyfriend. and if i am pregnant, i really need him, he is so supportive of me and i know that he will take care of me no matter what. So does anyone have any advice for me?? Please help me out, i’m really stressing :unsure:

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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