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      i am hoping someone can give me some advice as i don’t know where to turn and feel like i’m living in a nightmare! i am 30 years old and 8 weeks pregnant my partner and i had been together for nine months when he begged me to try for a baby as i was already a single mum to an 11 yr old girl before i met him i was unsure at first but then decided to go for it as i thought our relationship was strong 3 months later the test was positive and we were all over the moon my partner asked me to marry him and said i’d made him the happiest man alive, over the next few weeks we picked names looked at baby stuff and talked about the future we had never been so happy.. or so i thought 2 days ago he rang me at work to say our relationship was over and moved out that night leaving me and my daughter devastated now i don’t know what to do i wanted this baby so much and although he say’s he does too and will be a weekend dad i would never have got pregnant had i thought he would not be by my side my doctor has offered me an abortion and time to think it through but it just seems impossible


        I just read your message. Please don’t let him make you feel this way. I was a single mom, too, and now am married. While my husband and I have one together (my oldest is from a previous butthead) and are expecting another, I honestly thought that being single was easier than being married!! Please know that NO baby is an accident and that all have a purpose, regardless of the situation. You will be fine, and so will your child. If you have the abortion, you are letting the jackass win!! (excuse my language) Please keep your head up and be proud of the life that you have developing within you. I will pray for you.



          Hi amanda ,
          Afraid to say i cant be of much help to you being a 16 yr old expecting her 1st baby in march but i can say this much if you want this child have this child think of the other problems when u reach them, just think about your little girl and yourself dont worry about this guy .

          cassie x



            You have a beautiful daughter. You are strong. His immaturity does not change YOU. Give your baby a chance. Don’t harm yourself or the baby based on the father’s poor choice.

            Be a strong role model for your daughter. You can do it!

            Also remember that there are options for this baby in terms of adoption if you cannot keep it. There are MANY couples who are in search of a child to love!

            Peace be with you.




              I am 28 and my husband and I are expecting our first child in February. We are both very happy, but I know I would be a lot more scared without the support of my husband! The way your boyfriend convinced you to get pregnant and then split isn’t very fair to you. Did he say why he was leaving/ breaking up with you? Could he just be getting cold feet as the reality of this pregnancy is sinking in? Is there any chance that he could change his mind and come back to be more supportive of you and the baby (that is if you would even want to take him back)?

              What about the father of your older daughter? I’m assuming that at some point he left the picture and you were left to raise her yourself? You have been strong in raising her on your own. You were strong. You have given her life and watched her grow into a beautiful person. I would encourage you to be strong and choose life for your new baby. You can do it. It sounds like you were very excited about the porspect of this new life. Don’t let fear or the actions of your boyfriend change your mind into aborting this child. If you do keep the baby your daughter can help with babysitting – that’s a plus! If you feel that you can’t raise another child there is always the option of adoption too. Best wishes.


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