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      Ok my last topic ended up with No replies after like a month so im hoping you girls can really help me on this one.
      I’m meant to be getting some contreceptive implant put in on March 6th but the doc has a feeling i might b preg so is making me wait till a sign of my period..trouble still hasnt come and i was due roughly 4 days ago. i know it’s too early to start panicking but I’ve been feeling really yucky and heaving constantly recently with bad headaches and strange enough a LOT of heartburn.
      This is confusing me cause i heard you dont get heartburn or any signs until a lot later in your pregnancy..i was preganant last year but sadly lost it and i ddint get any signs till i was roughly 8 weeks..
      So PLLEEAASSSEE can someone let me know if there is a chance that i may be pregnant or am i just panicking over nothing?
      Love 2 hear from you all Natalie xx

      princess Angela

        My first symptom started when i was about 3-4weeks i had really sore nipples…. id say take a test but generally its a bit early an will just come back negitive anyways…. best thing u can really do is wait like a week and take a test…. although i had a blood test and it came back negitive although i new i was pregnant it was just too early to detect it now im 18weeks….

        So try stick it out and then take a test… i think i took like 6before i even had one come up positive… then i had 3 come up positive … all taken on different days

        hope this helps


          What my question is why didnt the dr do blood tests or a pregnancy test for you?
          Get that done b4 getting the implant done.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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