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      I watched a teenage guy and girl in the store the other day and I was shocked at the way her was treating her. He basically talked to her worse than most people talk to their pets! He treated her like she was an object that needed to bow to his every need and without any thanks for what she did. He talked down to her and called her all sorts of horrible names. This is not how someone who cares for you treats you!! If you are in a relationship like this, I know the girls at StandUpGirl would really like to help you out! Reply to this thread if you want to share or talk about it! :unsure:


        I agree! I think it’s so important to know that there is better out there, and life without someone is better than with someone horrible! Also, if your boyfriend is treating you badly at the beginning of your relationship, these are definitely red flags and getting tangled up in this could lead down a bad road too quickly!! If you are having trouble leaving someone, find accountability and talk with those you know really care. Sometimes you feel so alone, but reach out. There will be someone who will help!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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