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      I have never had an abortion, so I can’t know how it feels.
      But I am against it, because I believe life starts at conception. I’m doing an assignment about China one-child policy, and every book I pick up, this is academic literature, not one has said, the pro-life movement aruges this this and this. It is presently so biasedly, and this is EVERY book I pick up. I keep reading, ‘denial of woman’s basic rights’, ‘those who are against abortion usually respond on an emotional level’, ‘ it is clear that the anti-abortion movement is dangerous’…What more justification do they need? Here’s an unemotional response to why I believe abortion is wrong — ‘Killing people is wrong’. I don’t see what’s so emotional about that.
      It just gets to me that when you speak out agianst abortion, you get a whole array of people attacking you for ‘infringing woman’s rights’. I can’t believe that not one book in academic literature is pro-life! This is saying something about how one-sided the argument is.


        WELL SAID!


          i had an abortion…so maby you will think i don’t feet in this topic..but actually i do…’cause i am against it,since i know so much about it, and that i do have other options at my age, im against it…i think that the people just dont inform the people enough about how bad abortion ist…in my country there is just talking how hard it is and how your baby will suffer when you will have it before you finish your education…nobody tlls you how harder it will be to finish ur education with the thoughts on an abortion in your had…


            Well said to both Alexanders_mama and GangY.

            GangY-I never heard of anyone else say that about how hard it is to finish your education with the abortion on your mind a lot. That is a good point to make when you are trying to tell other women that abortion is not their only option. I hope that you have found the healing that you need, and if not, I pray that you will.

            alexanders_mama-I, like you, have never had an abortion either, but I also did some research on abortion for a term paper. (Hence how I found this website actually) I agree with you that life starts at conception. However, the majority of the world has been deceived by Satan to think that life doesn’t start until such and such time. It makes me so mad that if it were possibly, I would go down to hell and beat the evil out of Satan. I just feel like knocking him out, you know what I mean? The only real thing that gives me comfort is that those babies’ souls all went to heaven and Satan ‘lost’ them to God. For that I do rejoice. I still am against abortion, but since I know it goes on whether we are against it or not, I do take comfort in that one good thing. I rejoice that they get to spend eternity with God and the angels! Amen!

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