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      hi,please answer my question,I want to know is it possible to have menstrual period (just with 2 or 3 days delay)during the pregnancy?what about getting two periods during one month?please answer


        If your bleeding heavily then Id run to the doctor. But if its just light, spotting, then i’d just call the doctor


          i had a little bit of spotting a few days after my period was due, and thought it was my period, but it wasnt. (when i was Pregnant) but i dont know about a full period


              If you are pregnant, you CAN have periods. But, you really should see your doctor. Just to make sure that it is "normal." I know people who had periods for the entire 9 months of pregnancy and the baby was perfect and beautiful. I had spotting throughout my pregnancy and my daughter is now 8. So, it’s possible that everything is fine. But, you should see your doc to make sure. I hope everything goes well for you.


                hi there

                no u cant get ur period while ur pregnant


                  You can deffinately have a full period when you are pregnant!


                    hi I know your scared i was pregnant once and i started bleeding when i was 3 weeks along i put it off and didnt go to the docter then i started bleeding really heavy and i had a tubal i dont want to scare you or anything but take it from me i almost died i was bleeding to death i would go to the docter a.s.a.p!:unsure:


                      you can have periods during your pregnancy but id seek medical advice just in case. to be on the safe side xx

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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