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      is it even possible for you to get pregnant if you USE a condom and he pulls out before he ejaculates and the condom has no holes && you are NOT on birth control.

      responses will be greatly appreciated and help me coop with stress!

      THANK YOU!:)


        Hey there….the answer is yes…the chances are not super high but yes if you have sex protected or not you can get pregnant…there is always that 1 little sperm that will find its way….the only form of birth control that you cannot get pregnant by using is abstinence… I was sexually active for 10 years and I had 2 kids from 2 dads before I gave it a try…I am thankful to have my kids and I wouldn’t trade them for the world but all of our lives could have been a lot easier if I had practiced abstinence earlier on…it wont hurt to take a test if you miss your period just to find out so let us all know…ok…and if you have more questions we are all here for you….take care…Love Meg


          actually from what i heard that if the guy pulls out before he does then its easier to get pregnant so idk . best thing to do is take a test. good luck sweetheart 🙂


            mhmm, anything is possible, even with birth control.


              hey love yea it is possible thats how i got pregnant with mu lil girl is on the pill and just that bit that came in love!


                hey that pulling out story worked for me but only for 3months after that i fell preg… sooo yeah im living proof that it is possible…


                  my friends have a baby boy and they used condoms, she was on the shot and he was supposed to be sterile from testicular cancer and their son is one year old!


                    You should probably get it checked out just too be sure, While it’s a super small chance, there’s still the chance.


                      Like you said u used a condom with no holes etc etc that should cover you BUT if someone gets some semen on their fingers and that come in contact with the vagina, you can get pregnant but don’t forget that sperm cant live that long outside of the body due to temperature.

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