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      K well here’s my story: I went to my friends’ house. My step-brother and 5 other guys live there.i was there with other girls. well..i ended up having sex with this guy Scott(i kinda knew him,but all my other freinds have known him for years).We had sex like 7 times in 2 days.i’ve been on the pill(Ortho Tri Cyclen) for about 3 months.and for the first time ever i did’nt use a condom with him cuz he was to big for one!!! seriously i tried twice!!! I also made him pull out though.I also think I should mention I’m 15 and he’s 20. Well i’ve had this weird feeling i’m PG it started this past wknd and Scott and i slept together the wknd b4 that. I drank Saturday night and Sunday morning i felt sick(i’ve NEVER been sick the morning after I drink).Then today out of nowhere my friend Anne asked if i’ve gotten my period and i asked her y and she said "well i have this feeling ur PG…and u kno i’m good at that"(cuz her mom is PG and she’s been PG twice b4 and each time Anne knew before she told her).Then today on the internet i did one of thoise clinical calender things and you put in the day of your last period and it says the day of conception and it turned out the exact day i had sex with Scott…I was supposed to get my period yesterday.But I was just wonderin if any of u got PG on the pill, especially Ortho Tri Cyclen?I am also wonderin if any of u think i am PG???
      thnx(sorry its so long) :unsure:


        [b][i] The pill isnt 100% effective. u may be PG. get a test
        ~bestwishes abd blessings~
        Niquole (nicole) 🙂


          There is always a chance of pregnancy when you have unprotected sex. Since you were on the pill I doubt that you are pregnant. I was on orthro tri cyclen for 4 years and I never got pregnant while on the pill. The pill prevents you from ovulating and it thickens the cervical mucus to make it difficult for sperm to pass through. Now if you are pregnant, it takes a fertilzed egg 7 to 12 days to travel down the fallopian tube and implant itself to the uterus. When implantation occurs is when your body starts detecting the pregnancy, So you can take a home pregnancy 14 days after possible conception. Since you were on the pill again I don’t think you are pregnant. I’m glad to hear that you are on the pill, but you still need to use condoms to protect against STD’. Let us all know how you are doing.
          Hoping for the best,
          Love, Falon


            I never got pregnant on the pill, but they are only 99.9 percent effective. there is always the 1% chance. anyway if you do not get your period than you should have a test. In the future do not engage in uprotected sex with people you barely know. There is too may STd floating around with no symptoms


              I agree and if people find out you were having sex with an adult while you are still considered a child under the law it could be considered statitory rape so make sure when you tell your parents you tell them it was your choice to engage in intercourse.


                i was on the pill (yasmin) and am about 5 weeks pregnant. my boyfriend and i never used a condom b/c we "didn’t have to worry, no one really gets pregnant on the pill" so i’m just lettin you know that it can happen even if you’re on the pill. if you miss a pill or are on antibiotics that increases the risk of that happening as i’m sure you know but there is that 0.01% that it still happens to even when they do everything right. i’m one of them. get a test and make up your mind what you want to do before talking to the guy. if you let anyone else influence you in this decision you may end up regretting it…this is definitely something you need to decide on your own – good luck!!

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