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      hi i’m 26. i would luv to be a mommy. i had unprotected sex with my man about 2 weeks ago, the day after my period stopped. i’m getting headaches and abdominal cramps. i also urinate more frequently. i took a test but it came out negative and now i hav a yeast infection. am i pregnant? :huh:


        I’m also going through same thing as you did any one give you a answer:blush: :dry:


          hi, i think you should wait to see if you miss your next period then do another test. i had cramps in those first few weeks of being pregnant also felt a bit dizzy! a negative result could be wrong but a positive result is always right!! hope you get the result you want


            Actually, i am currently going through the very same thing, i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend the next day after my period and a few days after i had really bad stomach cramps, then the next month, that was August, i did not see my period. I took a test and it was negative and right now the date has passed in September for me to see my period and i have yet to see it.


              you could or could not be. its normal to eperience symptoms of being pregnant if you think you are. for example, you had unprotected sex with your boyfriend so your going to keep an eye out for pregnancy symptoms and they may seem like theyre there because youre watching for them. do you know what i mean? on the other hand, it may be too early to tell. sometimes you cant tell on certain tests for about 3wks to a month. Or the test could have not been accurate.. lol whatever happens, i wish you the best of luck! :-p

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                there is actually only a 1 to 2 day window in which most girls/ women can get pregnant which makes it all the more surprising so many do without planning it! if your cycle is about 28 days your "window" should be the middle days. although you can technically get pregnant at anytime those days are going to be the best chance! so its probably unlikely but definately still possible. and actually, women who concentrate too much on thinking they are pregnant can begin to convince their bodies in certain ways that they are- it can even make your period late, increase appetite, and more noticeable soreness. good luck!


                  you are most likely pregnant, how long after sex did you take a pregnancy test?
                  it usually takes 3 weeks to get an accurate result good luck

                  Miss Boop

                    From what I know about pregnancy I think you should go to the doctor and get a blood tests because they can tell you as early as 3 weeks into the pregnancy. And to get treated for the yeast infection because if you are you don’t want any kind of infection around your soon to be baby. Oh and my friend, a social worker said that to eat yogurt so that it helps prevent getting yeast infections. But if you don’t like yogurt then never mind. 🙂 I hope all goes well with you!! Soon-to-be mom of a beautiful BABY BOY!!!

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