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      [color=#008000]Hey there everyone!
      My periods are somewhat regular, coming anywhere from 30-38 days apart, sometimes more or less. Anyway, last month, like a week after my last period my boyfriend and I had sex. We used protection so I wasn’t too worried. However this month I have STILL not had my period. It’s over two weeks late for certain. I have no symptoms except maybe the fact I’m eating slightly more, but I kind of eat like a cow anyway :p I’ve taken two HPTS, both early in the morning, and they came out negative each time.
      I’m super stressed because finals at the college I attend are coming up next week, and the past three weeks have been pretty stressful- Could that have something to do with all this? I pretty strongly believe that my missed period has a different cause, but I’m not ruling out pregnancy completely, and I don’t know another reason I’d miss my period anyway.

      If anyone could give me some opinions or feedback that would be so helpful to me.

      16 yrs old.


        Hi Kayla!
        A stressful time is often a big factor in a period being late and if you stress too much about being pregnant then it can come even later and give you more symptoms. At 2 weeks late you should really have a positive test if you really are pregnant. I would say that you are not but the only sure way to know is a blood test though they usually wont give one until you have a positive urine test. Try doing stress reducing activities and wait to see what happens- maybe youre lucky and don’t have one at all until next time!

        Also, since you have a longer cycle, the week after your period is an unlikely time for you to ovulate anyway. If you want to be sure when you do ovulate, you can buy the tests. I like the full month ones so you can try different times. Good Luck! I know you dont want to hear it but since i was 16 when i got pregnant i can say it— you are only 16 be careful!!!! ;D

        Kailey, 18
        mommy of Faith, almost a year


          Oh yeah stress, can cause your body to go haywire. And yes can even stop your period. The best advice I can give is not to stress, I’m not (my finals at my university are next week too lol.) Just CHILL girl you’ll be alright.


            [color=#000080]Thank you so much!
            You girls are so extremely helpful.

            I think my boyfriend and I are headed down to Planned Parenthood this week to get a blood test just in case.[/color] I hope all turns out well… and you are so right. I DO need to be careful- and I will be from here on out.

            Oh and I do have another question. KaileyAmanda- you said that stressing about being pregnant can give you some symptoms?
            Is that really true?

            Thank you again so much, I really appreciate your feedback.


              To answer your question. Yes stressing about being pregnant can produce pregnancy symptoms. This is what happens. You stress and think about it and your mind will play a hysteria game on you, physically giving you a "false pregnancy"

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