Am I pregnant or just PMSing? PLZ HELP!!

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      I am a 20yr old single mother of a soon to be 4yr old son. I recently got into a relationship and we had sex. We had protected sex on the 28th of Oct. and the 2nd of Nov. About a week later I started feeling tired, hungry etc. Basically all of the regular pregnancy symptoms. On the 15th I started spotting a little bit but then it stopped and nothing else since then. Does this sound like implantation bleeding? P.S. My period is due on the 22nd :unsure:


        its kinda early to tell dont u think… um wait 4 ur period due date 2 pass giv it a week or 2 xtra n then if nothin cums then take a test n move from there… gud luck keep us informed as to wat the outcum is…



          It could be implantation bleeding, but unfortunately it is too early to tell. Wait until you are a week late for your period and then take a HPT. Try not to stress about it though, ok? Because that in and of itself can cause all kinds of pregnancy like symptoms.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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