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      I had polycystic ovary syndrome[PCOS]. And wanted to have a baby.

      My first day of menstruation was last nov.2,2011 and stopped nov.6 My oby doctor advised me to take clomiphene and metformin (for egg ovulation)once a day starting on nov.4 to 8.She also advised us to have sex for the following dates: Nov.13 to 15,2011.November 14 I went to clinic to have pelvic ultrasound to check my ovulation and it works [my pcos was gone]. But, we failed I got period last December 3 to 5,2011 a heavy flow.It was short period unlike my normal period it got 4-7days. My oby doctor told me I am not pregnant since I have a heavy flow period. But my mom told me, that there is a possible( she was referring for implantation bleeding). And it caused me worried and depression. [sighed~]

      My last period was on on Dec 3 to5, 2011 [heavy flow]. And I expected to have a period on January 3,2012 or in first week of the month. I got spot period last friday january 13 and 14, 2012. And had a light period January 15 and 16.

      Guys, my question is, Is there a possibility that I am pregnant? I had symptoms like feeling tired than usual, slight headaches and my lower abs got bigger than usual and I gained weight too. :unsure:


        for update, My period this month from january 15 to 19,2012. And I am losing hope and I think theres no possibility that I am preggy. 🙁


          Hmmm,well maybe you should run a blood test.They tell you everything and if your doctor says you are seek prenatal care for you and make sure to tell your partner.And missing your period could be from stress(like you mentioned) and/or not eating right.Maybe you gained pounds from eating.Early symptoms of pregnancy are tender or swollen breasts,nausea(not all the time), frequent bathroom trips(peeing a lot) maybe more but those seem to be what women get a lot.Well,I wish you the best of luck and if you are congrats.Hope you have the finances and everything to bring a child into the world…I’m 14 and giving birth in the summer.Life is hard 🙂 lol

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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