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      Hello! I’m 43 years old and had a tubal 4 years ago. I am a mother of 8 children, after the fourth one, I was able to feel the light movement by the 12-15th weeks, yes, true! Now I have been having very tendet breasts and feeling as if there is a baby moving down low in my ab. I am afraid to go find, out, what I’m wondering is there anyone out there who HAS gotten pregnant after getting their tubes tide? I just recently broke up with my husband and my children are almost gone, however I actually would greet another baby, but no one would be very happy with me!
      Thanks, oh yes, I haven’t had a period, however that isn’t unuaul for me either, as I think I could be getting ready for the "change">


        i don’t really know a lot about tubals (i’m only 18) but as long as it’s done right you shouldn’t be able to get pregnant.
        Maybe your going through early menopause. One of my mom’s friends was only 38 when she thought she was pregnant. She went to the doctors and they told her she was going through early menopause.

        Hope this helps. Keep me posted


          You must find out if you are pregnant for the well fare of your ( possible) child. Yes it is possible for a women to get pregnant with your tubes tied. My aunt got pregnant even though her tubes were tied. The doctor had told her that her tubes had repaired themselves enough to let a egg pass through which resulted in her 3rd child. I have even heard of cases where men that had vasectomies still managed to father children. So yes it is very possible, so don’t hesitate to find out if your pregnant.
          Best of Luck


            If I were you, I would go get checked immediately because Tubular pregnancy (which is VERY rare after 2 yrs.) is still a possibility. The symptoms could also be due to many other things.

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