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      june 11th,2009
      i had sex with my guy friend on the 23 and the 27th of may..both times without a condom the first time he said he didnt nut in me which i think is true because he was still hard after he pulled out…but like a whole bunch of fluid came out after we was done which felt like i was peeing on myself..which i am not use to that..the second time we had sex which was at the end of my period…we had sex and then we stop cause he got soft and when i got off of him it was a whole bunch of white stuff…i ask him did he nut in me and he said a little bit…
      now since all of this has occured i have been feelin nauseated left nipple has been sore quite often and i have been having this need for hot dogs which is def. rare cause i hate hot dogs..and im noticing that i have been peeing quite often but i have a bladder problem anyway so i thought nothing of it..ii was on birth control but i had stop taking it like a week before me and him met…and then whn my period came on after the 27 i started back taking them so i can have a light flow then i got off of them when my period was over.. now what i think it could be is just that my birth control is just trying to adjust cause im not on it anymore. but my friends think different cause i am very i should tell you that i was gay so iM not use to none of right now idk what to do..i tuk a first response pregnancy test sunday and it came out negative my friends said cause its way to early now if its way to early then i wouldnt be having symptoms this early lastnight was the first night i could not get a good sleep cause i was so nauseated..ii harldy ever eat and now iim having this feeling where i just got to eat all the time and when i do eat..iM not full..i just dont know what to do. i just graduated monday and plan on going to college he is in college now…and this is just going to stop be from achieving my goal as to become a veterinarian.
      please help me!


        Its impossible for anyone to tell you whether your pregnant. The best thing you can do it take a pregnancy test, or see your doctor for a blood test. You may need to wait as if you are prgnant you are probably only 3 weeksish. It does seem awfully early to get these symptoms. but you could be so worried your pregnant your mind is giving you symptoms (it happens to alot of people trying for a baby)

        Wait for your next period to be due before testing.

        And no having a baby wont ruin your plans for the future providing you want them enough – anything is possible!

        Good luck


          Hmm,my biggest adviae to you would be (if it turns out that you are not pregnant-and I think you are not,cause for those symptoms its just 2 soon) to stop having sex. I mean,if you think thathaving a baby will ruin your plan of life,then you are clearly not mature enough to have sex.

          I could say use birth control AND condoms,but BC fails and condoms break..and your thinkin shows that you aren’t mature enough for that.

          I’m not saying you wouldn’t do the right thing,I’m just saying that you would be somehow PUSHEd into it.

          If he loves you,hell wait till you will be able to provide a home and EVERYTHING a baby needs before having sex.

          Because so really sex means pregnancy,that’s a fact to accept before you start being sexually active.

          As for now..wait till your period is due,if she’s late,make a test,or even better go and make a blood test.

          Good luck!


            I would suggest waiting a week and taking another pregnancy test. Sex is serious business and pregnancy is always a possibility. If you are pregnant, it will not ruin your life, you will just have to make some adjustments! Waiting until you’re married to have sex will make things a lot easier. Trust me, I have been there and made many mistakes in the past.

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