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      [b] hi everyone my name is anna im 22 and have been trying for a baby for the past year with no sucess, iam 3days late for my period i have some weird pains in my stomach my breast are tender i am going to the toilet a lot more than normal, every where i look there are babys and it is really getting me down because me and my partner want a baby so so much. has anyone got any tips or anything for me to consider, please help me.:(


        :cheer: i lost my 1st baby a couple of months ago and i was really sad, but i got pregnant again this same year without even knowing. But what im really trying to say is that if you really want a baby then god will give you one. And…..the way i found out i was pregnant is i had a really bad temper, craved like crazy, had to twinkle alot, sore boobs, back pain, got alil too lazy, and felt like i wanted to throw up :sick:

        Miss Boop

          You might be pregnant but if you’re not the most effective way to get pregnant in my opinion is to not try. Almost all of us were not too much trying and it happened. Umm you can also get rid of any stress in your life that helps my doctor said that I had to lower my stress levels because I miscarried on my first pregnancy. It helped I’m almost 7 months preg. so it really doesn’t have to be the big things or even makin love, i think that if you simply forget about it for a month the next time you check you could be.
          I hope that all goes well with you and yours and it is really cool that he is by your side!!!! Have fun while you can and spoil yourself because when your baby gets here you’re gonna want to spoil him/her instead!! GOOD LUCK!!!!


            My pregnancy was unexpected. I’m only 16 so I wasn’t planning or anything but My aunt took pills to increase her chances of conceiving. She was pregnant with twins but both were still births. She tried way to late. I think she was in her mid or late 30’s or something. You probably already know the best times to try. I’ve always heard that if a male eats really healthy, his sperm will be more healthy and numerous. Someone told me energy drinks or drinks with high caffine levels make the sperm count decrease. Maybe he could go get checked b/c some males are just steral?? Idk there’s lots of possibilities. I wish you the best of luck!!! If you need anything, let me know. 🙂


              Hello i am 20 and me and my partner would love a baby i have been off the pill for 5 months now and i think the best way to find out if you really are having a baby is to have a test. if you are having those symptoms, and have missed you period for about a week or more the home test should give you a fair idea ( make sure you use two to make sure it is right ). I have had those symptoms as well, and have missed my period for just over 2weeks. Its my boyfriend birthday tomorow and i think that would be a wonderful present. Let me know how you go and good luck.

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