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      Some one please help… i just had my period like march the 6th and me n my boyfriend are really scared… we had sex on the 9th and that is the day i think i conceived…. i had just started the patch three days before we had sex so i am not for sure if that helped at all.. and we had an accident and he didnt pull out… so now im scared… i was spost to start 3 days ago and i still havnt… im worried my breast are sore and i feel so bloated… i took a pregnancy test the week after and it said i wasnt but it ocul have been to early… someone please help… i kno what to do if i am prego i just want to kno if i am… does it sound like i am or am i just worrying a little to much and making something out of nothing?! Please help…..



        Its okay.Calm down. Sore breasts and feeling bloated are symptoms. However, there are a numerous amounts of ways that can make you miss your period. You might want to take another pregnancy test in a few days.


          your probably not pregant, the worst thing you can do is stress yourself out. All that is going to do is delay your period, which is going to cause more problems anyway. You cant take a pregnany test untill 4-5 weeks after your missed period, so that probably didnt work for a reason. The patch wouldnt of helped because it wouldnt of been ready it usually takes a week to two weeks to work. the best thing you can do is get some rest and quit worrying about things.


            [b] Hey.. i mite be preg 2 but i dunno!.. i dont think i am but my bf does.. are you preG? or no?

            megan :ermm:


              Hey i might b 2 i dunno either my bf thinks i am cuz he 4got 2 pull out i’m worried could i b ???? i feel really bloted but my breats arent sore and i dont suppose 2 start till the 13th can any 1 help me out :whistle: :huh:


                I’m in the same boat as you Megan and Michelle, but hopefully I’m just worrying over nothing. My stomach feels likes its hardening, or maybe I’m just looking too deep.



                  I also believe that i am pregnant. Every month I ALWAYS get my period on a Monday maybe in odd times on Sunday. This month i didn’t get it until Tuesday night. I had bad cramps which always means that it’s going to be heavy…well, it wasn’t heavy at all…today is Thrusday and it’s as if it’s one of my last days which is totally off b/c i get it for a full 7 days. How could only day 3 be like my last day? My breasts are senitive, Last week i was having dizzy spells and felt alittle sick. I’m going to take a HPT probably tomorrow and that scares me b/c i don’t want it to say negitive. Does anyone think this sounds like i can be pregnant?


                    hey you might not be the only who is pregnant…… I kno ur probably scared but you have to stay positve look Im 15 and I really think I;m pregnant by a 23yr old and he is mad…. we didnt use a condom or nothing so just calm down okay……… write back


                      Well i think that i may be pregnant as well i had the last day of my period on wed. and my boyfriend and i had sex saturday and he did not pull out. is it possible to feel pains as early as a week my stomach has been feeling funny and i took a test but it has only been today it was negitive but did i take to early? should i take another one? which one should i take? i’m scared but i really think i’m scared cause i want it so bad. i’m only 19 and am tryin to finish school but i want it. i just dont know!


                        you may have worried yourself about the mistake so much you fooled your body to think you are pregnant. there has been times I worried so I didnt have a period for a month in a half, also when you are pregnant you don’t get the symptoms the next day it took my symptoms 7-8 weeks to happen.


                          You can take a pregnancy test a day after you miss your period. There are even tests that let you take it 3 days before your period is due.

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