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      My boyfriend and I have been together a year, and on october 29 we had sex for the first time. This was the day I lost my virginity. I am going to turn 16 December 3, I am far too young. I am officially late for my period (about 13 days late). Lately, I have been feeling very sick to my stomach, and I have thrown up a lot. Normally this does not worry me, for I get sick very often; unfortunatly, now I have a reason to fret.
      I took a test the other day, and it showed up to be negative. Unfortunatly, I read the directions after I took the test and found I did several minor things wrong.
      Should I retake?:dry:


        In lieu of your tendency to get sick often, do you also miss your period occasionally as a rule? Are you underweight? This can definitely contribute to missed periods.

        Did you and your boyfriend use any protection whatsoever/pull-out? Two weeks is a fairly long time to be missing your period. I would definitely suggest testing again, reading the directions very closely. In the morning, when your urine has had sufficient time to soak up HCG hormones is a good time.


          My dear young friend;
          I have just read your cry for ‘HELP’. I am praying for you that you will not be in anguish about whether you are pregnant or not. First I would ask you: Can you talk to your mother about it? After all, if you are pregnant, it is her grandchild that you are carrying and she will love the baby with all of her heart like she loves you. (I have two teenage daughters and if they were pregnant, I would cry with them and then give them all of the love and support that I could)
          If you do not have a mom or the support of your mom, I would encourage you to talk to your dad. IF that is out of the question in your situation, then call a local church who would be able to refer you to a helpful counselling agency. Some of these agencies, such as BIRTHRIGHT, offer pregnancy tests right on the spot and they will be able to offer you the emotional support you need.
          A Catholic church usually has a secretary in the office from 9 a.m until 5 p.m, so don’t be in anguish, but do get some help.
          I send you a big hug ()
          Remember, where there is LIFE there is HOPE!


            hi there,

            i reckon that you should retake the test and read the instuctions carefully


              Funny that… that happened i actually did the same thing 2 days ago …. which will make it show up wrong…. another thing would be to take another test to see how that turns out to be…. your period could be late b/c of being worried so much so just try to calm down and take the other one if that turns out neg then you should try to tell your parents and go to the dc’s to find out…. i know how you feel i’m only 16 and have been w/ my bf for a little over a year now but we have been ttc for a while…. well sweety let us know how it goes i hope everytniogh turns out for the best …. take care
              luv Erica xxx:P


                Yeps definately do another test hun…

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