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      hi everyone!

      i had my period on sept. 20 – 24. and during this time me and my boyfriend has unprotected sex but he pulled out everyime. we had sex everyday of my period more than one, but he did pull out. what are the chances that i am pregnant even though i was on my period when we had sex?

      not its oct. 7. and for the past 2 days my lower stomach has been cramping like it feels tight and esp. hurts when i am walking or standing. its not unbearable just wierd its almost like menstrual cramps but im not due for that yet. then i took a preggo test (even though i know it is too early) and it was negative like i figured. but when i when i was going to the bathroom and i whipped there was brown discharge. Is this implantation bleeding? I also have had lower back dicomfort and today while i was eating i almost threw up.

      could i be pregnant? has this happened to anyone?? when should i take a test again?



        I am not sure if your pregnant. If you were pregnant and had a "period", then it wasnt a period, it was inplantation bleeding. I got a positive preg test 8 dpo, which was 7 days before my missed period. So you may get a positive test if you try now. I would just wait if i were you though in about a week i would test. good luck


          yes there is chance that u can become peegnant the sperm came survive with for up to five days and even if he pulls out there could be precome just waitot and see what happens


            its not impossible but it is unlikely, give it a few more days then test again, on the day or past the time you would expect ur period to come. it may just be ur period coming early or something, all those symptoms can be that too. you cant do anything but wait so ive learnt! hope everything works out try not to worry whatever the outcome xxx


              Although it is unlikey you are pregnant nothing is impossible. I have even heard of people getting pregnant while on the pill and using a condom that did not break. Weird, I know. Best of Luck to you!


                hey.. well it’s kinda hard to tell.. u should be carefull cuz i got pregnant that way.. every time me and my boyfriend had sex.. he just pulled out… i thought i was ok untill.. a month a half later i found out i was PREGGO.. when u take the test.. take a digital one.. those are more reliable.. good luck:P


                  It is possible, including on your period. You’ll just have to wait it out and take another test.

                  Good luck. 🙂


                    Hi Autumn! I think that it is great that you are going through and answering people’s questions.
                    When you click on the topic on the forum, above where the girl typed her question and next to the title of the post it will have a date. If you remember to look at the date it will keep you from having to reply to posts that are no longer important. 🙂


                      Ohh… haha. Thank you. 🙂

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