Am I Pregnant?

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      Hi everyone, I have questions about pregnancy. Lately i got drowsy and feeling like i want to vomit but i can’t and feels so tired, sleep alot which i normally don’t. The thing is i can’t recall if i did miss my period. i know this is sound weird. usually i don’t really care or bother too much about my menstrual cycle. reason being my period sometimes delays like 1-2weeks and sometimes it can delays up to a month (very rarely). however i do know that it can comes as early as 1 week before the middle of the month or delays by a week after.
      i think maybe i have missed my period but still can’t recall.

      i did some test on 25th Sep but it shows negative only 1 dark line. then i get myself worried again coz i keep having this drowsy thingy.. so i did another test yesterday. 2nd test shows 1 line is very dark and the other is fading and not very clear. and did another 3rd test on the same day with another brand it shows the same 1 dark line and 1 fading line.

      does that means i’m pregnant? but the other line is not so obvious.

      i did the 4th test this morning right after i woke up, it shows the same. i just feel it so strange the first shows 1 line and the other 3 test shows the same.

      I did tell my partner that maybe i am pregnant, he didn’t freak out and he said we shall manage it together, however he also said he wants a baby but not ready to have a baby right now.

      what shall i do next? wait for few more weeks to have a check again? or i will see a doctor to get advise? if it’s positive, do you think i should keep it? bringing up a baby is not a problem for me as both my partner and i have good career and prospect. but i’m a little worried about his statement that he is not ready to have a baby at the moment but if it’s postive, he will responsible.

      Looking forward to hear from you lots.

      Thank you,
      Ernie 🙂


        I know you posted a while ago, but were/are you pregnant? If you are, what does your partner say now about keeping the baby? There are lots of resources and options out there. I’d love to hear more–Renee

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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