Am i pregnant??

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      hello well i dont no what to do as april 2nd i come on my period and had sex the next day and my boyfriend come in me twice can i still get pregnant on my period??? i no it seems a silly question but can you???


        hey x u can get pregnant on your period. there is a certain time in the month that you can get pregnant. usually this is two weeks afta ur last period or so but it varies with different women. All i can say a wait and see if u get ur next period. Im not a doc but i hope this helps. Good luck hun x Latisha x


          yes you can!


            hey need some advice..m so scared ..had ma last periods 2weeks ago n whats weird is that i’ve had it only for 3days n stopped n usually i always have it min 6days time n before i even finished completely me n ma bf had sex n now m havin the feeling tht i might be pregnant i’ve got all tht pregnancy symptoms like the nausea n vomitting n laziness n the light bleeding n mood swings n just keep on urinating..but is it too early for me to think tht m Pregnant?and is it too early to take the PT?could i possibly be pregnant??please need some advice..:(



              Yes, you can get pregnant.
              There’s a time of the month where you are ‘ most fertile ‘
              but that doesn’t mean it’s the only time.
              It also doesn’t mean you’ll get pregnant at any
              time you have unprotected sex.

              All you can do is let time pass and not worry about it.
              Chances are slim, although there’s always a chance.
              Stressing out about it can cause your period to be late too.
              So relax and just go about your days as usual,
              and only time will tell.

              good luck : )

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