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      for the past two weeks i have been suffering from dizzy spells nausea sore boobs which have gotten larger my period is already two days late and last week i had light bleeding for three days which then went away i have also been suffering from cramps which i never usually get untill my period arrives i have done two home tests and both have been negitive can i be pregnant?


        Yes you could still be pregnant. You should go get a blood test done, those are more accurate and you would know for sure.

        And welcome to the site! πŸ™‚


          thanks for the advice i’ve got an appointment today an thanks for the welcome πŸ™‚


            Oh good… πŸ™‚ What did you find out? Are you pregnant?


              I guess you got it covered… but it sounds like you really could be. Lots of people have negative tests only 2 days after their period. Good luck!


                i went to the doctor who did a urine test she said it was negative but my period is still not here and i feel worse just now so i am going to go back to see them again soon


                  Ok, well, keep us updated, and I hope that you feel better soon!


                    Whatever the results, I’d love to help you out. πŸ™‚

                    Feel better!


                      yes you could still be pregnant.
                      those are all symptoms i got before i found out.

                      when did you takes the tests?

                      it is best to wait a week after your missed period to test.
                      although i tested 4 days before mine was due and still got a positive :woohoo:

                      hope everything goes well for you.
                      i’m here if you need to talk.
                      x x


                        i tested a few times the longest was when i was two weeks late i still have all these symptoms and no period going back to the doctor this week to see what they say and thanks for the advive πŸ™‚


                          well what happened?
                          i had the exact same symptoms you did.
                          im 6 weeks pregnant =]


                            i went to the doctors this morning and the doctor said hes almost 100% certain that i am pregnant so i’m just waiting to go for a scan now


                              Well best of luck to you. Jessica


                                Congratulations. πŸ™‚


                                  thamk you i am getting very excited now thanks for all the advice everyone πŸ™‚


                                    Remember if you need to talk, I’m here. Those hormones can make you crazy!


                                      i have been noticing and i have also nticed my tastebuds changing as well πŸ™‚


                                        can any1 tell me if its normal to have a brown discharge i have no pain or anything i woke up this morning to find this discharge just wondering if its normal or something to worry about


                                          it can be just spotting.
                                          when you see blood or get hard cramps go to the octor asap.
                                          now you are in a stage in life when you should ask your dootor even if i a sooo illy small thing-but if yo are worrie about, call him, ell help yo=)


                                            as long as the discharge is not bright red, and as long as it’s not too heavy I wouldn’t worry about it. πŸ™‚


                                              thanks i went to a nurse yesterday and i have a midwife apointment next week the bleeding looks like its going to stop soon and nurse i spoke tobak if i got cramps or anything and said to go back if i get any cramps or heavier bleeding


                                                well I’m glad that you have an appointment and everything. Keep us updated, ok?

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