Am I Pregnant?

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      Ok so I am 15 and always thinking I am pregnant. See, I was on the NuvaRing but I took it off since I didn’t like the side effects it was giving me. Unfortunately I have unprotected sex almost always.:S My period is usually regular. Well this month I am just a couple of days late but I have had a few symptoms. Other than not having gotten my period yet, about a week ago all of a sudden I got very sick and felt like I needed to throw up. I thought maybe I needed to eat, I ate but I was still nauseous. Also, I have been constipated, something which doesn’t really ever happen to me.I don’t take any afternoon naps but lately I have been feeling a little more tired than usual.Another thing is that
      I am getting some mild cramping. Usually I just get cramping on the same day I am supposed to get my period, however this has been going on for a few days now.

      Please HELP ME .
      What do you girls suppose is happening?
      Could I be pregnant or is it just a false alarm again?:unsure:


        it sounds like u might be but u should go take a pregnancy test or go see your dr.

        sound like they way i found out i am 15 and pregnant i am 26 weeks and the daddy is 19 so it is quite scarey but if u have any questions i am here for you!


          Well and HPT or a trip to the doctor’s is the only way to know for sure. Actually, an HPT might not even be accurate these days, but forget that. The point is you need medical attention if you don’t get your period soon. :]

          Keep us updated, dear.


            First of all, relax honey! Getting stressed out about it could even cause the symptoms!

            Looking at your symptoms, there is a chance that you could be pregnant… unfortunately the only way to be sure is to wait a few more days and then take a home pregnancy test.

            Have you been unusually stressed out lately? Are you on any other form of birth control?

            So yeah, take a HPT, and then come back and let us know what it said! No matter what the result is you can find support here! 🙂 Good luck!


              [color=#800080]Thanks Girls. At the time I am on vacation and I can’t really go get a test. I am waiting for Aug. 15th to take it because that is the day I return. But i will for sure keep you guys updated.

              Thnks B) [/color]


                Well girls I did end up getting my period even though it was 1 week late.
                [color=#FF0000]I was very happy to get it actually, it made me realize that I am not really ready to have a baby yet. I am going to try to be very careful from now on.
                Thanks for teh support . :cheer: [/color]


                  I’m so glad that everything worked out for you! Thanks for letting us know! 🙂


                    it also sounds to me like it, but i have a friend that thought she was coz she had some symptoms, but turned out not to be. so rather go see a doctor or go buy a pt. i’m 16 and 15weeks pregnant, daddy is also 19, i will be here if any of you wanna talk, im new here


                      ok you got it good, but how are you feeling now? important question, if you answer i will respond

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