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      Hi all
      Can someone help me. I have the most irregular periods, anthing from 4 weeks 4 days to 6 weeks 6 days. My average works out to be 38 days between periods. My last period was on 24th April so makes it just over four weeks. I have been feeling sick now for almost all of the day for four days but took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative.
      I don’t appear to have any more symptoms only the sick (but this is not sickness in my stomach, just tasting it in the back of my throat).
      I have had two children before and with both pregnancies, nausea was the key indication of pregnancy but with both i found out at 7 weeks.
      Am I just being to early with this or could this be another one on the way?
      Please help because i’m all over the place :silly:


        No tenderness or increased mucus and the HPT was negative? I would bet you are not pregnant. Such fluctuations in monthly cycles would drive me batty. How do you manage?
        How long has the foul taste lasted? Could it be heartburn?
        Take care of yourself.


          Ha i used to get my period maybe 3 times a yr if that. I’m all over the place which gives me the sh*ts coz i wouldn’t be able to chart or anything.

          Maybe go to the drs and get bloodtests, they might be able to give you an insight. or just wait a little while longer

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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