Am I Pregnant ?

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      i really do need feedback on this because im worried. i know its okay for you to get periods while pregnant. but my boyfriend i was with in feb i had sex with and i thought i was pregnant.. but a few weeks later i came back on but for only three days, my normal cycle is 7-9 days and extremely heavy, however the periods im having are 3-4 days and extremely light. i am also having all the symtoms of pregnancy, such as sore boobs, i also have a bump but i dont know if this is just bloating.. i took a test which was in the evening and a few days after i had sex with my boyfriend which showed negative, i want to take another test but i am afraid of the results. i am also feeling sickly late on nights… its coming extremely strong now and i can feel sick in the back of my throat, its disguisting, i also have cravings..

      am i pregnant ?


        I don’t meen to sound mean but did you read the directions on the test? Ur supposed to take the test when you think you missed your period, some tests let you take it about 5 days before you miss your period. Thats why it probly came up negative… I got pregnant in Feb. I am now 18 going on 19 weeks and you can tell I’m pregnant. Even if you did get pregnant in Feb. you’d be at least like 3 months. You shouldn’t be afraid to take that test! It oculd take a load off, although I must admit it DOES sound like you are pregnant. What ever you do you NEED to find out soon so you can start making plans.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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