Am I Pregnant?

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      :unsure: Ok so I think im pregnant, I took 2 pregnancy tests today, they both showed negative, but Ive been reading what are pregnancy signs and ive been having most of them; Ive been feeling really tired all the time it feels like i havnt had any sleep, and ive been peeing alot more often at least every 10 minutes, and my lower back is aching, im having bad headaches and cramping!!! Please someone reply???? I need help!!!


        Hi there, I had also been experiencing typical symtoms, but my tests came up negative. I think im reading into everything to much. I think once you start lookin thinks up alot your brain thinks yeah i have had that. sorry if i have confused you!! Maybe go and see your doctor and get a blood test. That is more accurate and most women may not show up on Home tests as i know a few people who din’t show on a home test until they where way past 4.5 months! Let us know how it goes!! Jenna x


          well no one on here can tell you if your pregnant. You should figure out when your period is due verses preg symptoms and possibilities of being preg. You can go to a doctor and get a blood test they are more acurate. If you convince yourself that you are preg you will feel like you are (Ive done it to myself) so thats all I can say I hope that this will be resolved for you soon….Meg


            you could be pregnant but u may not be. have u missed your period? or is it coming up and mayb you are getting period symptoms or PMS symptoms. and the other thing is mayb the preg. test didnt pick up the HcG hormone because its too early to tell but wait a week after ur missed period & then take another test. =] good luck


              it is possible that you are pregnant but you cannot rely on symptoms alone. The only way to know for sure is if you go to the doctor. Because symptoms could mean other things. and I know that if you are trying to get pregnant any little thing is so exciting! I did that for about 2 months before I got pregnant. My body played alot of tricks on me because i wanted to be pregnant so bad.what i thought was pregnancy symptoms were actually pms. But wait a few days take a preg. test. and if it’s neg. and you still don’t get your period. go to the doctor. Good luck hun.B)


                have you missed a period? .. ithe first 4 pregnancy tests i took came up either a faint faint positive .. or a negative.. it wasnt until almost 2 weeks later that it came up a clear positive!.. you should go to the doctors and get a blood test!
                good luck <33

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