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      In October me n my boyfriend had unprotected sex . 2 weeks later the bottom of my stomach started feeling very tight and I was feeling :sick: but never threw up and my breast started swelling and I started having lower back pains .Now it’s been 4 weeks later and I have an irregular period so I’m not sure when it is suppose to come on . I’ve taken 2 pregnancy test an they both came out negative but now I’m throwing up , my stomach is getting bigger, breast have gotten bigger, dizzy, headaches, and my face is breaking out like crazy , and still no period. Does this mean I’m pregnant or what ????


        you need to go to a doctor.. your symptons sound like pregnacy.. and tests can be rong…
        i had negative tests before i found out i was pregnant… and im now 17 weeks!

        also.. if ur not pregnant.. there could be other reasons why u have these symptons and a doctor may need to be invovled…
        u need to see one anyway…
        if ur under 16 the doctor should be confidential…
        id take another home test and see a doctor… the tests ARE rong sumtimes! trust me!

        good luck… keep me updated


          Most likely yes! It sounds very possible. If your next period doesn’t come either go buy a home pregnancy test or call your doctor and get a appointment and get the test done with him/her. Good luck

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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