Am I Pregnant?

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      Hey all. Im 21 and I think I might be pregnant. My last NORMAL period was on March 18. My cycle is anywhere from 28-34 days. I got a very light period on april 27, but it was 6 days late. There were no clots or anything. I didnt feel any cramps with that period either. This past weekend I took 2 pregnancy tests that both came out negative. However I have a lot ofd pregnancy symptoms. My breasts are slightly tender, the past two days I have felt nauseous throughout the day, today I feel a little dizzy, im urinating a lot, definite mood swings, very tired all the time for the past week, im often uncomfortable for no reason, and my food habits have changed. Could I be pregnant and maybe I just tested to early for a positive result?


        well im 31 i was with my boyfriend for 14 yrs we have 4 kids , we just seperated recently, okies now that my introduction is outta the way, yes there is a possiblilty you could be pregnant, i would ask your doctor to take a blood test as they are more accurate in depicting weither or not there is hcg ( the hormone produced when pregnant) present , and glglgl , with my first pregnancy(19) it came out negative for me as well.


          👿 I dont know. did you go to the doctors to get a pregnancy test.


            It may have been to soon for you to test and get a positive test result. The best thing to do is go to the doctor. They can test your blood and urine both to see if you are or not. In the meantime good luck.


              you really need to go to the doctor to get a test done. I was the opposite I had my period and then it didn’t go awy for a month and a half. I knew that something was wrong but i didn’t think that i was pregnant. Come to find out that I had a tubal pregnacy and had to have surgury. It was really bad So it could go either way. Better safe than sorry. get it checked out


                It sounds like youmight be !!!! Youcouldhave tested to early and on rare occurences sometimes your hcg is too low for home tests to pick up so I would call the dr and make an appointment asap


                  i am 20 yrs old with two kids… i think it might be mental… the same thing actually happened to me not that long ago. i am in fact right now waiting for my period. But being a woman…deep down on some unconcious level we all want and desire to be pregnant and concieve our baby. Yet at the same time, we are going.."no! no! not ready", "oh my gosh i can’t be pregnant".. we worry ourselves to death ..especially if we are not in a committed relationship…such as engaged…or married….when just dating…you are more likely to freak yourself out so bad…that you can actually cause yourself these symptoms. Mentally if you really are scared and believe you are pregnant you are gonna think you feel these "symptoms".

                  But I could very well be wrong…some women do "spot" when they are pregnant….it sometimes lasts all throughout the entire pregnancy. Either way i hope that whatever happens to you…its the right thing for you.
                  God will never make a mountain you can’t climb….good luck


                    Hey, people well i have a question?!?!?! my friend hasnt started her period for 3 whole months and she is scared. She is getting fat and her belly-botton is starting to pop out alitte. And she took a pregnacy test 4 days ago. what do yall think. Can yall hepl her out with some advise?????? 🙁


                      your not alone, i think i may be pregnant..the catch is im 15…. and i took the test it came out negitive, but yet im also getting other symptoms. So i guess we both shuld re take it.

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