Am I pregnant?

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      Hi, I’m 17 and I’ve been sleeping with a guy for a year now. About 18 days ago we used the pull out method, I don’t think he was quick enough. My period is late, about 3 days before my period was due some came down, but it left that same day, I thought that was it. I’ve recently been extra hungry, tired, and extremely irritable. I seem to smell things easily that make me nauseas-if I’m not already nauseaus- my breasts aren’t exactly sore though and I’ve had this clear discharge that was never there before but seems to be all the time now. I checked an ovulation calendar and it says I was most fertile from the 15th to the 20th, mind you we slept together on the 17th. Is it too early for a HPT? Well, I just gotta know. Could I be pregnant?


        You sound like you are pregnant. You can get an early pregnancy test, like a First Response or something, those pick it up right away. I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter from one and that was only the day after my period was due. Don’t worry, and good luck.

        I’m here for you,


          I was 17 years old when i found out i was pregnant and i was in COMPLETE DENIAL up until my 5th month. At first when i was having what i now know was morning sickness, i blamed it on the weather. it was a little hot outside and i do get car sick sometimes. Then i started craving weird foods and lots of it and after i ate it i would get sick. Even after i missed my period i never thought i was get pregnant. (We were using the "pull out" method too) then i finally got up the nerve to go to the doctor and what do u know i was pregnant. At first i didnt know what to do. i didnt tell anyone but my boyfriend until i was 4 months. I DO NOt believe in abortion but i seriously considered having one. I even went to the abortion clinic. Now i am 8 months pregnant and it has been the best 8 months of my life. to know that there is a life that you helped create and will love you no matter what is an amazing thing. My mother is 38 and she just had a baby 5 months ago so you know she wasnt happy. Not she has gotten over it andhas even offered to help me out so that i will have the chance to go to college. I am due July 31 and i am beyond excited. I know that no matter what with the support of my family and friends that i will be alright. Oh but to answer your question yes there is a great possibility that you are oregnant. I would go to the doctors IMMIDIATELY! A baby drains nourishment from your body so it is best to consult your doctor. 🙂

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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