Am I Pregnant???

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      I think I’m pregnant. I have been feeling very sick to my stomach all the time, I get heartburn almost no matter what I eat, I am over a month late for my period, my boobs have gotten bigger, harder, and very tender (especially to the touch, and it almost constantly feels like my nipples are on fire). I have been getting a lot of headaches, and these weird butterfly type feelings in my stomach (especially when I have to pee or when I’m hungary), I’m hungary a lot more often than I used to be, I feel like I’m roasting to death, even when I’m in my room with the A.C. and fan cranked on high, I always feel like I haven’t had anything to drink in days, and I sometimes get this weird metallic taste in my mouth… And the hiccups are really bad, almost painful sometimes… Help me out here, I need answers… I know that I should take a P.T. but I don’t have much money, and I can’t tell my parents because they would be really mad, and the last time ( I have been pregnant once before ) when I told my parents, my step-mom punched me in the stomach and I had a misscarraige, so please, please, please, give me some answers… :unsure:


        My name is Rachel and I work here on the website with Becky. I’m a single mom, I’m 19 and my daughter will be three in a few weeks. It’s tough, especially without the support of your family. But, it IS possible, and you can still be a great mom and reach all of your goals in spite of any detours you might take on your way there. Your child will thank you someday!

        I would VERY strongly encourage you to go to and go to the red button on the right side that says, "Find a Center". You can type in your zip code and it will show you the closest pregnancy center to you. There are pregnancy centers all over that will give you FREE pregnancy tests, and they have people there that have been through the same thing who can help you out. Many centers have items that people have donated like maternity clothes, baby items, etc. that you can use or earn. There are free pregnancy classes out there, and you can go to your state’s website and locate your department of human services and get on the WIC program to get food for you and your baby for FREE! Don’t let your financial status discourage you, I’m poor myself, but there are ways to make it! There are so many resources out there, you’ve just gotta find them!

        You can email me anytime: I’d love to talk to you more!


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