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      hi my name is nicki im 20 yrs ive been wit my bf for 4 yrs now. i ad a miscarrage 3 yrs ago, i ad a miss when i was 10 week but was unawear dat i was pregnant as my periods were normal.
      I ad my period in the 17th march n im startin to think that im pregnant my breast r sore when i run up the stairs r touch den around the nipple area. ive been going to the toilet a lot more often n im always feelin hungery, i feel sick sometime but i dont boke :sick:. im really moody as well i snap at my bf over nothing and i have days i brust into tears for nothing. i really need advice from all so please if u can help me id really like that.

      thanks nicki :pinch:

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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