am i pregent?

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      hi, i had my period which lasted 6 days. on the 6th day there really was no bleeding, just a little discharge early in the evening. that night at like 11.00 i had unprotected sex twice where both times he did not pull out, in fact stayed there when he was done. the next morning there was still some sperm in me that came out when i used the bathroom. this all happened on nov. 3rd, now since last thursday i have bben experiencing some sysmptoms, my breasts are tender and more fuller, im more tired, more emotional, i felt lighheaded almost dzzy for the first time today, and today i started peeing more. also in the morning when i pee its more yelliw, a little foggy and stuff floating in it. my fertile time has always been right when i get off my period, just those first few days. i already have 4 kids. im not due to get my period untill nov.25th, i took a test yesterday and it came out neg. do you think i could be pregent. im really deperate for what you think. thanks



        It is really too early to say if you are or you are not. The pregnancy test usually says to wait for 2 weeks after you missed your period first time. You could be feeling the way you do because of other reasons as well, not only because you could be pregnant. During the 4 weeks or so between two periods the body goes through a lot of changes. Sometimes you feel those changes stronger than other times. So my suggestion is just to relax about it and wait until you can know for sure.
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          well i would say no not yet. its too early for you to have ovulated. but if your period doesnt come take a test.
          good luck!


            Apparently blood tests show up pretty quick you can always give that a go if not I would wait 10-14 days before taking another test…let me know you might be on lucky #5


              I wouldn’t say there are no chances but you usually ovulate 2 weeks after your period, and the sperm lives upto 5 days…. so chances are minimal, don;t worry and stress yourself. Take a test dec first, hey maybe you have a bigger christmas surprise than most 😉

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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