am i pragnant

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      i got missed abortion in August doctor adviced me to not to get pragnant for three months.When i am 8th week
      this month i don’t no ,am i pragnant but i feel like that .
      my last date is nov 15 but today is dec 15 i no i have to wait till 5 days .but this months my sighn is totally diffrent .
      my breast is paining if i touch that from 3 days
      and totally diffrent singh in my stomock .i will get my periods date every month late only 5 or 7 days please advice me


        You really need to get a pregnancy test. That is the only way to know with certainty. If you are not pregnant, then in the future make decisions to make sure you don’t get pregnant until you want to. There are many options available to women that keep them from becoming pregnant. My best option was to wait to have sex and sexual contact until I was ready to become pregnant. That way, I knew I was safe, healthy and my marriage is even better because we waited to have sex until we were married. Not everyone wants to wait, and it’s ok to wait from this day forward, no matter what you did yesterday, or a year ago. Make a new decision to take care of your heart and your body. My very best to you, Imajackson;)

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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