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      HEy! well first off i am very regula on or a day before the 17 of every month!!! an dwell this month it came on mothers day ( the 8 ) and i had unprotected sex on the 7th! and my period lasts about 5 days execpt this time it lasted 2 1/2 days! and then on the 23 i had unprotected sex again( right when i was suposed to be ovaluating, which i think i did or still am) i had sex and every 1 said that i should be ovaluating on teh 23 or 24 ( they say that i should be very fertile on those two days) and well i have been having pg signs… like very sharp pains in my side ( not my apendix) and i feel nausea adn ( i usually love pizza) now i cant stand it and i am craving italian food like spagietti… and im passed the time my period is suposed to have come and like i said i am never early! so am i pg? adn 1 more sign is i feel very tired and moody and i dont think that my period is goin to come so please tell me! sincerly jessica girl born in florida and in north carolin

      ps im only 15!!


        Really hun, u shunt have unprotected sex, i ddnt and im still pregnant, and i was on the pill! Im only 16 too. Well, the only way u can truly find out if you are pregnant is to take a test, ya mite not wna bt ya have gotta!
        The fact that u had a very short period at the wrong time, straight after unprotected sex may have simply been implantation bleeding, which it most likley was, so that wud mean u was pregnant.
        Fine out and keep me posted yh? We’ll go thru it 2geva
        Much love x.x.x

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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