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      Id been having REALLY painful periods since feb and last month i nearly passed out so i decided to go the doctors who made me a hospital appointment which i went to turns out that i was pregnant and misscarried in jan at nearly three months. I didnt no i had because the pain ive been feelin is a massive blood clot because the baby didnt leave my womb. I had absolutly no idea i was pregnant and i don`t even no if i would of kept it because of the nasty break up i had had with my ex boyfriend ,the babies father, but im devestated. i havent moved out of bed all day, i cant face seeing anybody. ive been throwing up and i feel like the world has ended, as if its just happened, but its stupid, i wasnt upset at the time, i didnt even no it had happened, but im distraught this normal?? 🙁


        i don’t think you’re over reacting. you found out that you were pregnant,and that you had a miscarriage, all in the same day. i would be shocked if you didn’t cry over it. its something that is VERY shocking. you’ll be fine though. everything will be ok in the end. you’ll see.


          OK last year i lost my first child alittle boy at 41/2 months I didnt find out the way you did I knew i was preg and went for an ultrasound and found the baby was dead.I was tore up over it.Didnt eat for weeks cried all the time.So finding out all in one day you were preg then finding out you misscarried thats alot to handle for any humen minds so know i dont think your overerating.I think its just now hitting you.You were going to be a mom and didnt even know it and that was ripped from you before you had a chance to be happy about.Its normal and its going to hurt.You just have to get up every morning,step out of bed and get your life back.It might never be "normal" but it will be ok in the end.With friends and family anybody can do anything.::hugs::

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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