am I or not?

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      ok I’m sorry if this is graphic but I really need to know and I figure you need all the facts to give me sound advice.

    • Well lately I’ve been really, really tired. I mean typically if I’m in a lazy mood I can sleep up to 10 hours but that’s drastic. For the past two weeks I have been sleeping 14 hours on a day to day basis, I just can’t seem to wake up.
    • Also I’ll be starving but the minute I see or smell food I am not at all hungry or if I do manage to stay hungry and eat I feel so full I feel sick to my stomach after a small portion,if you knew me I trypically eat A LOT.
    • At around 3 or 4 in the morning I start to feel sick to my stomach
    • This is the graphic part…For a couple days the toilet paper would be pink when I went to the restroom but then it went away so I just let it go. But I did feel really sensitive "down there". So anyway after me and my boyfriend slept together we found some blood but it look like it was dried and some white goop came out of me. The next day I still felt a bit uncomfortable so I checked myself and more of that white stuff came out, after that I was just constantly wet. [li] I have been feeling a "cold burn" like acid right under my solarplex.
    • I have been breaking out which is kind of normal for me before my period but it is also on my body and I never had body acne
    • I have also been feeling strong urgers to go pee but when I do barely anything comes out
    • along with those symptoms I have been shaking constantly and when people touch me they tell me I am burning up and I have been sweating, which I rarely do, but I don’t feel hot.
    • [li]What do I do? Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? Sorry it’s so long, any answers would be helpful, thanks!



      i may not be a very good help because i am not pregnant. BUT, it sounds like you may have an infection…my friend had one and some of those were the symptoms.

      my advice: call the doctor and if your parents don’t know you are having intercourse, let your doctor know and they will be confidential.

      Hope this helped,


        what kind of infection did she have?


          I am not sure, all I know is she had to take antibotics for a long time. Have you gotten tested yet? Or are you just waiting? I hope you are doing find!



            I got tested and it came out negative but I still have all the symptoms and my period is all funky and came early but I’m in a very stressful situation at the moment so that might be why.


              hey i got pregnant when i was 16 and i didnt have any of thoughs symtoms but i know for sure that peeing alot is a big sign but when you pee alot comes out so it sounds like you might have a bladder infection 😉


                ihave been on the depo shot since i started having sex and that was when i was 15 i am 22 years old my last shot was in november 2005
                still no period
                i had unprotected sex in the EARLY PART april………………………………….ovulation
                no period
                sick everyday-possible vomiting


                  please refresh my memory
                  i missed my period on the 21st and i took a preg test on the 4th of the following month
                  was that too early


                    your symptoms dont sounds like pregnancy symptoms really, except the lack of period, sleep issue, morning sickness, and the peeing can be one. However like some of the other replies have said you could have an infection of some sort. It is also possible that you have an infection AND are pregnant. Bladder infections are more common during pregnancy. I would go to your doctor to have both checked out. They can to a simple blood pregnancy test which is WAY more accurate than the home pregnancy tests and he/she can also see if you have a vaginal or bladder infection. Best of luck and I hope everything works out.


                      I think you took the pregnancy test at the right time, what did it show when you took it. the best thing to do is get a blood test at the doctor’s so there is no doubt in your mind.

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