Am I or Not?

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      Earlier this month and the end of February i had been worried i was pregnant.But i had my period and such so i didn’t think i was anymore. But now I’m worried again My stomach is still hurting i get headaches often, i almost always tired, and i discharge more then normal.Last time i had stop taking my meds stooped working out and stooped tanning. well i started that all back up and i have no clue what to think.My boyfriend is buying me a test tomorrow but I’m just curious what other people think do you think it will be positive or negative. do you think me starting up my meds again and tannin and working out will harm the baby if i am pregnant? let me know what you think.


        I think if the test comes back postive I would lay off on all of that you said (Tanning, med and etc) until you’ve seen a doc and they cant tell u what u can and can’t do. good luck 🙂


          Tanning shouldn’t be a problem, but it depends what kind of meds you are talking about. If your meds are birth control pills, yes they will harm your baby if you are pregnant.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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